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A Walk Through Our Service Center

Our team at the Pittsburgh Truck Center in Carnegie, PA,  works hard every day to get trucks back on the road as fast as possible. Every truck service appointment is different, and our mechanics have to employ various skills: they are problem solvers and creative thinkers, always searching for the most efficient solutions. Their work requires an eye for detail and a steady hand. They need to work efficiently, as every minute a truck spends in our shop is a minute of potential lost revenue for the driver and their trucking company.

Join us on a walk through our service center to see firsthand what our mechanics are working on and how they keep the wheels of the trucking industry turning.

Troy’s Talbert Low Boy Trailer Overhaul

Troy recently tackled a 2023 Talbert Low Boy Trailer, addressing critical wear and tear. The trailer came in with worn-out axle chains and shocks, needing an urgent inspection. Troy replaced the old shocks and chains, restoring the trailer’s safety and performance. His preventative maintenance service included a comprehensive inspection, fluid top-offs, and air pressure checks, ensuring the trailer was ready for the road.

Truck Repair

Ed’s Engine Rebuild for a Ford F-550

Ed faced a Ford F-550 service truck experiencing engine failures, including overheating and a coolant leak. The head gasket was compromised, calling for an immediate engine rebuild. With a long waiting list for replacement engines, Ed found that procuring a used junk engine was the most time-efficient way to fix the Ford. Combining parts from both engines, he successfully rebuilt the F-550’s engine, showcasing the resourcefulness to deliver solutions even under constraints.

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Ben’s Kayln Siebert Trailer Fix

Ben worked on a 2019 Kayln Siebert 16ft Low Boy Trailer that needed attention due to an ABS light warning and required a routine PM service. Ben installed a new ABS sensor and replaced all four tires, addressing the stuck tires on the hub and managing the challenging 17-and-a-half-inch size. His attention to detail ensured the trailer left our facility in top-notch condition, with improved safety and performance.

Truck servicing Ben

Laine’s Quick Fix on a Ford E-450 Econoline

Laine’s recent work involved a Ford E-450 Econoline with loose axle bolts – a potential hazard if left unaddressed. He efficiently replaced the bolts, restoring the vehicle’s stability and safety. A quick yet effective service carried out with precision.

Truck repair service

Zack’s Regulatory Compliance on a Peterbilt 348 Tanker

Zack’s project on a Peterbilt 348 Tanker involved ensuring the vehicle met regulatory standards. During inspection, he identified that the fender flares were smaller than required. Zack replaced the pop rivets and installed larger fender flares, using an air gun and grinder for precision. This service not only met regulatory compliance but also enhanced the vehicle’s overall functionality and appearance.

Truck inspection

Keeping You on the Road

Hopefully, you enjoyed this quick walk through our truck service area. We sure did! Pittsburgh Truck Center, a family-owned business, takes pride in its team and facilities. We hope it shows in this blog and especially in our work. The team looks forward to getting your truck back on the road soon.