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Truck applications may have varying transmissions and clutch designs, but they all wear down over time, ultimately leading to failure. The longevity of your vehicle’s clutch and transmission before requiring maintenance depends on several factors, such as traffic, road gradient, and the amount of weight you transport.

Fortunately, your clutch’s performance and pedal operation can often alert you to potential problems before it becomes hazardous to operate your truck. For instance, strange noises, a loose or sticky sensation when pressing the clutch, or a spongy feel can indicate wear. Similarly, transmission slippage during acceleration or difficulty shifting into reverse and changing gears is a clear indication that your transmission and clutch need servicing.

Issues with your truck’s transmission or clutch can be costly, putting your vehicle out of operation and wasting your time. At Pittsburgh Truck Center, our team of transmission and clutch experts has extensive experience maintaining and repairing transmissions and clutches from all manufacturers, including Allison, Spicer, Eaton, Lipe, and more.

We provide reliable, expert service for your transmission and clutch, including preventative maintenance, diagnostic assessments, prompt repairs, rebuilds, replacements, and installations. From routine checkups to repairs and servicing, we have the expertise to address your needs with cost-effective solutions that reduce downtime and maintain your truck in top condition.

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